CoolRIOTS BeX AI Platform

AI Powered Business Execution

BeX AI Assistant for Engaging Customers

Empower your digital presence with BeX Ai Assistant for Engagement: An AI-driven solution that elevates your website to represent your brand and drives user engagement.

BeX AI Assistant for Hospitality

Transform the way you handle emails and effectively engage with guests with BeX AI Assistant—the premier solution for the hospitality industry

BeX AI Assistant for Reading Contracts

Streamline your legal workflows with BeX AI Assistant for Legal: Centralize matter management and enhance legal operations with productivity, transparency, and explainability

BeX AI Assistant for ESG

Unlock the full potential of your data with BeX AI Assistant for Document Handling: Your AI-powered enterprise solution for extracting insights and enriching datasets at scale

BeX AI Assistant for TTS

Streamline for TTS offers seamless conversion of text to natural-sounding speech, enhancing accessibility and engagement. With customizable settings and high-quality voices, create immersive auditory experiences effortlessly. 

BeX AI Assistant for STT

Streamline for STT provides accurate and efficient speech-to-text conversion, enhancing productivity and accessibility. With robust algorithms and customizable settings, transcribe audio content with ease. 

BeX AI Assistant for taking minutes

Assistant for Minutes automates the process of taking meeting minutes, saving time and ensuring accuracy. With intuitive features and customizable templates, capture key discussions effortlessly. 

Driving Agility, Velocity, and Precision in Business Execution

CoolRIOTS delivers Enterprise AI Business Execution application platforms and turnkey Enterprise AI solutions

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