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Streamline Your Note-Taking Process

Seamlessly integrate with your preferred communication platforms for streamlined collaboration

The BeX Assistant for Meeting Minutes revolutionizes note-taking during meetings, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. From capturing key discussions to organizing action items, our AI-powered assistant simplifies the entire process.

– Capture meeting discussions in real-time, providing instant access to accurate transcripts.

– Identify and track action items, decisions, and follow-up tasks to ensure accountability.  

– Tailor meeting minute templates to match your organization’s specific format and requirements. 

– Automatically identify and attribute speakers, making it easy to track who said what during the meeting.

Elevate your meeting productivity with Assistant for Minutes

Experience the power of BeX Assistant for Meeting Minutes and transform your meeting documentation process

Customer benefits

Capitalize on the advantages of the innovative conversational AI solution offered by BeX


Share meeting minutes seamlessly with team members, enabling better collaboration and alignment.


Ensure accurate and comprehensive meeting documentation with AI-powered transcription.


Save time and effort by automating the process of taking meeting minutes.

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Communicate and integrate

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