CoolRIOTS BeX AI Platform

Power your website with AI and engage your customers

Conversational AI for fast and friendly customer care

BeX Assistant for website conversation is designed to assist you with handling your website conversations.This BeX Assistant is capable of communicating with your website visitors, to answer all the queries based on the knowledge base that you train her with, record down appointments, connects to your backend systems

– Powered by large language models (LLMs) you can trust

– Intuitive user interface & build AI-powered  

– Deliver automated self-service support across all channels 

– Seamless integration to the tools that power your business

Your Digital Colleague for Engagement

BeX Assistant for Web Engagement is a market-leading, conversational AI platform designed to help you overcome the friction of traditional support and deliver exceptional experiences.

Customer benefits

Capitalize on the advantages of the innovative conversational AI solution offered by BeX

Reduce business costs

Choosing a no-code, click-to-configure conversation builder with AI engagement, like the one offered by BeX Assistant, allows you to start creating your conversations in minutes. BeX Assistant comes pre-trained for customer service, saving hours of manual setup. This helps you see a return on your investment faster.

Answers automated with accuracy

BeX Assistant for Web Engagement automates its customer service responses with accuracy. It can answer large volume of enquiries and continues to learn from feedback received from over user interactions.

Self-service availability

When BeX Assistant step in to handle the first interaction, users eliminate wait times with instant support. Since BeX Assistant never sleep, we can provide global, 24/7 automated support for your customers, even when agents are offline.

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Streamline and centralise

An end-to-end platform for all your Web Engagement,Hospitality, Legal contracting ,Document Handling needs

Reduce costs and mitigate risks

Sophisticated automation and secure data handling

Communicate and integrate

Easy collaboration with all stakeholders and other platforms

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