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Your AI-powered enterprise solution for Document Info Extraction

Handling documents manually with physical paper can pose significant challenges. The BeX Assistant utilizes an AI-enabled smart document processing system to efficiently manage collective ESG frameworks. By automating tasks such as document analysis, key clauses search, data extraction, and reporting, BeX Assistant streamlines workflows for users, enhances compliance monitoring, and promotes comparability and credibility in your ESG reporting.

Unlock Sustainable Success with BeX for ESG

Take advantage of the latest Large Language Models (LLMs) to solve document automation challenges. 


Gain complete visibility over ESG Documents

Improve visibility over ESG documents by leveraging smart document processing system that is centered around ease of use, transparency, and clarity.

Save Time And Boost Productivity

Say goodbye to manual sifting through extensive text, and start automating extractions of parameters and analyzing and comparing ESG documents, to boost efficiency and productivity.

Quantify Your Team’s Impact And Cost Savings

Collaborate with BeX Assistant in managing ESG documents, to streamline workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and minimize the need for additional personnel, thereby lowering operational costs and enhancing your team's performance.

AI-Enabled Smart Document Processing and Extraction System

To seamlessly integrate the AI document processing system with existing document repositories.

To ensure the system can parse various document formats accurately.

To find relevant information efficiently using semantic search.

To extract specific data points, tables, and entities from documents.

To store extracted information in a structured database.

To compare and analyze extracted data across documents.

To add additional information to documents.

To maintain the accuracy and relevance of document content.

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