CoolRIOTS BeX AI Platform

You have email from your hotel guests waiting

Redefining Hotel Operations through BeX AI-Powered Excellence

We recognize the challenges faced by hoteliers in handling communication—from managing a high volume of emails to ensuring timely and personalized responses, as well as extracting valuable insights for continuous improvement. This BeX Assistant is capable of reading emails from the guests, classifying the emails according to different intents, and extracting the key information from the email. The BeX Assistant is also able to generate the reply accordingly.

– Enhance Email Management

– Receive Alerts on New, Critical, or Escalated Guest Emails

– Generate Intelligent Automated Email Replies

– Sends Personalized Service Emails Automatically

– Make Data-Driven Decisions

Benefits of BeX for Hospitality

Streamlined Operations

Simplify email management and system integrations, reducing the workload on staff.

Enhanced Guest Experience

Ensure timely, accurate, and personalized communication with guests.

Data-Driven Insights

Utilize analytics and sentiment analysis to improve service quality and guest satisfaction.

Deliver automated and personalize email replies with Generative AI

Give BeX Assistant access to your incoming emails so they can be processed in real-time. Even while you sleep.

Ready to start engaging with your hotel guests through emails?

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