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Intake and Matters Management

Gain complete visibility over your legal matters

Legal contract management is tailored for corporate lawyers requiring a Contract Processing and Management System. Therefore, what key features make any BeX Assistant for Legal platform an ideal fit for your organization? Bex Assistant Automatically navigates through extensive collections of agreements to precisely extract key clauses, streamlining matter workflow and enhancing your legal team’s productivity.

How legal teams get to focus on higher-level initiatives

The platform emphasizes the day-to-day interactions of corporate lawyers with a contract processing and management system, demonstrating how AI can streamline and enhance legal intake and matter management.

Streamline matter workflow and boost productivity with a legal front door

Gain complete visibility over matters and spend

Quantify your team’s impact and cost savings

Save time and boost productivity

The process of Managing Contracts Effortlessly

The corporate lawyer begins their day by logging into the BeX for Legal Intake and Matters Management. From there, they can upload new contract documents seamlessly. The system’s interface offers a simple drag-and-drop feature for uploading documents, and it supports batch processing to handle multiple files simultaneously. Upon upload, the AI initiates its initial analysis, categorizing documents, extracting key terms, and identifying any missing information or discrepancies that require human verification.

When selecting a contract from the list, the lawyer is directed to a detailed contract review interface. Here, they can add comments and annotations directly on the document as they review it. Upon completing the review, the lawyer has the option to approve the contract directly within the system or request revisions.

Customizable reports are available to help the lawyer and their team assess performance and identify areas for process improvement.

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